Gearbox Inspection & Overhaul

Gas Turbine Services is a leading provider of specialist personnel carrying out major gearbox inspection & overhaul on the SGT range of engines.

Combined with our established repair services for core engines and their associated major assemblers/components, we uniquely deliver a complete service to the customer at major scheduled servicing outages minimising downtime and offering an Integrated ‘One Stop Shop’ approach.

Our inspections can include:

Visual Inspection

If the gearbox requires dismantling due to opera-tional damage, the entire gearbox will be thorough-ly visually inspected and a NDT study carried out on the gears.

Videoscope Inspections

To prevent dismantling of the gearbox, we can per-form an inspection by videoscope. To inspect rolling element bearings and gears, we use the latest vid-eoscopes from General Electric. These videoscopes allow us to identify problems, often impossible to see with the naked eye.

Contact Pattern Checking

Before dismantling the gearbox we check all the contact patterns.

Check Dimensions and Tolerances

During strip down of the gearbox or major overhaul, all rotating part dimensions are checked against the latest OEM acceptance and applicable engineering criteria.

Alignment Checking

Second to rotor unbalance, misalignment is a frequently encountered problem. HKJ Group is able to handle both hot and cold alignment projects on a range of machinery including reciprocating com-pressors in addition to rotating machinery.

On-site Troubleshooting

Our knowledge, experience and equipment allows us to identify potential machinery malfunctions, such as rolling element bearing defects, gear relat-ed problems, rubs, resonances, etc. Significant and valuable time can therefore be saved to resolve the problem.