About HKJ Group A/S

HKJ Group developed from several small turbine based companies working independently. Through strategic direction, it has evolved into a group working seamlessly to provide high-tech solutions to the gas turbine market. Our experienced team has emerged to encompass all the disciplines within our specialized working areas, constantly progressing and maintaining an experienced up-to-date system including health, environment, safety, social responsibility, quality and human resources.

We have built up a challenging and creative working environment that makes full use of all its resources within the organization. This working environment sets the benchmark in every facility and site operated by the Group.

Our aim is to ensure optimum results for the customer, with respect to both technical and economical solutions.

HKJ Group A/S is the Administration Company of the HKJ Group located at our corporate headquarters in Esbjerg Denmark and is responsible for financing, acquisitions, HR and strategic planning targets

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