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Gas Turbine Services (formerly Hans Kjellerup) having been the OEM approved Regional Service Centre for Siemens SGT Products from 2000 through to 2015, made an incisive decision to end their long term Service Centre Agreement on the 01 January 2016 in order to establish a greater global presence and customer base.

GTS is now one of the largest independent companies in mainland Europe offering onshore and offshore servicing on the Siemens (Lincoln) SGT/Ruston range of engines. From our modern Purpose Built Service Centre in Esbjerg Denmark we have delivered service, repairs, upgrades and overhauls since 1985 all over the world. Our 30 plus years of experience has enabled us to deliver, the right people, parts, tooling and best possible solutions to the highest quality.

Our goal has always been to meet and exceed our clients expectations. As a result, we have gained an excellent reputation and have fast established ourselves as the preferred international supplier of qualified and skilled personnel to the global gas turbine industry. Our record of accomplishment to date includes Gas Turbine installations and servicing work in over 30 countries worldwide.

We have established business units in four countries, giving us the opportunity to be closer to our customers and react faster to local market requirements.

With over 75 people employed, we strongly believe in the long-term investment and development of our employees. Their knowledge and experience ensures that we maintain the highest skills and quality available to our specialised area of the Gas Turbine market.


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