We at Gas Turbine Services we offer Control System Retrofits, Core Engine Overhauls, GearBox Inspection & Overhaul, Spare Parts and Service Exchange.

Package Refurbishments

Whether a replacement package, refurbishment or updating requirement, Gas Turbine Services can provide the solution. Our fully qualified personnel and sound engineering base guarantees a reliable package that meets the customer’s legal and regulatory requirements.

Package Refurbishments are a cost effective way to reduce initial layout cost whilst still receiving a product that can be trusted for years to come.

Whether it is a power generation package, compressor, main line or loading pump, our extensive experience ensures we will meet the customer’s expectations, specifications and operating requirements.

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For more information on Package Refurbishment please refer to our Brochure.

Package Upgrades

Load demand, financial pressures and aging Gas Turbines have created the need to extend longevity and reliability of rotating equipment. Gas Turbine Services offer competitive solutions for addressing reliability, life extension and capacity demands by providing retrofit solutions.

Water / Steam Injection

Using water or steam injection is a cost-effective means of reducing gas turbine emissions and in-creasing power output. For peaking gas turbines, steam is generally not available, and water injection is the ideal method. HKJ Group provides complete water and steam injection systems and turnkey in-stallation with packages available for most models of gas turbines.

HKJ Group has extensive turbine expertise and uses this knowledge to provide injection systems that are ready to install and complete, from control sys-tem modifications to fuel nozzles and combustion hardware.

Control Systems

Gas Turbine Services offer innovative solutions for Gas Turbine controls and safety systems for all SGT / Ruston / EGT gas turbine types, with electrical solutions, process engineering, and comprehensive automation functions. Providing complete SCADA, PLC & DCS as well as fault tolerant systems, GTS provide customers with the latest technology for machinery control and monitoring.

We specialize in the retrofit of Gas Turbine control systems to ensure customers are provided with continued availability and uptime of their plant.

Fuel Systems

Upgrading many Gas Turbines often involves up-grading fuel system valves, pumps and related equipment. New fuel systems are also added in fuel.

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For more information on Package Upgrades please refer to our Brochure.

Relocating and Repowering

Gas Turbine Services can provide a complete ‘Turnkey’ service for every stage of industrial and commercial power plant relocation. Everything from dismantling and relocation, planning, upgrades and refurbishment, control retrofits, movement of heavy Machinery, rigging, re-certification, re-installation and commissioning.

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For more information on Relocating and Repowering please refer to our Brochure.

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